Why take this course?

When a prospect searches your brand name, they see what Google decides to show them. That is never YOUR perfect brand message. You might very well lose that sale!

With this course, make sure that person sees the brand message YOU want.

Improve YOUR Brand SERP in just a few hours

I'll walk you through a plethora of simple yet highly effective starting steps:

Improving the top of SERP (your homepage), triggering and managing rich sitelinks, improving your social channels.... and MUCH more.

Improve your bottom line

Even at this seemingly simple level, when you make what people see when they Google your brand name more positive, accurate and convincing, you will naturally convert more prospects and retain more existing clients.

Boost your marketing strategy

As a bonus, you will also find that you have improved multiple marketing channels including social media, and SEO.

Save money on Google Ads

And the Google Ads lesson will improve the performance of your branded Ads campaigns and reduce costs by up to 30%.

And those savings will probably be enough to pay for this course several times over!

Wendy Kirwan


Jason is clearly THE expert on Brand SERP SEO. The Fundamentals course is laid out clearly and packed with information for SEO practitioners of all expertise levels (even absolute beginners).

And as an unexpected bonus, Jason went above and beyond what was offered in the course and kindly made himself available for some follow up questions, giving us some really helpful tailored advice for our specific case.

Mordy Oberstein

Head of Communications at Semrush

Jason’s course on the fundamentals of managing your Brand SERP is a great way to get your site’s optimization off the ground. Jason is a master of clearly presenting information while holding your interest all the way through. He is an engaging tutor, the slides are clear and very helpful, the content is meaningful ... but most of all, the advice is easy to apply in the real world.

Great value for money and 100% recommended

Mordy Oberstein, Rank Ranger

Make your Brand SERP positive, accurate and convincing to your audience. No SEO skills needed with these simple techniques anyone can implement. 

The techniques in this course are unique and available nowhere else !


The Fundamentals of Optimising Your Brand SERP

Jason teaches techniques that you'll find nowhere else. Save a whopping 50% on all courses with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020 at checkout.

Every lesson is driven by a video where Jason Barnard explains the situation, then gives you practical advice on what you can do to improve your Brand SERP.

You'll also find supplementary material that will allow you to take your learning further including screencasts, articles and links to external resources that will help you to take things even further.Includes unlimited access to all videos and support material. PLUS all lesson and resource updates for a full year.

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Some popular lessons from this course...

Google Ads

Improve your Brand campaigns, save money AND reduce the profitability of your competitors bidding on your Brand SERP.

Triggering and Optimising Rich Sitelinks

Rich sitelinks are a must-have for every brand. Right under your homepage, they offer a LOT of real estate that you control - up to a third of the SERP. Learn how to trigger them (if you don't have them) and optimise them (if you do)

SEO Tactics You'll Need

This lesson gives an overview of the SEO you'll need to control your Brand SERPs...

But in truth it is a very good introduction that anyone wanting to learn SEO will find immensely useful!

Hi, I'm your tutor - Jason Barnard, "The Brand SERP Guy"

A quick overview of my story (so far).... how I got here, and how I learned all I know :)