This course shows you how to remove negative content from your Brand SERP.

But what you learn will also allow you to 'sculpt' the blue link results by also removing or improving any results that don't big you up enough!

When someone searches your name they'll see only positive, accurate information about you.


  1. Introduction
  2. Dealing with forums
  3. Dealing with review platforms (this is an entire review platform strategy :)
  4. Third party articles and blogs
  5. Leapfrogging - finding opportunities
  6. Leapfrogging with content you control
  7. Leapfrogging with content you partially control
  8. Leapfrogging with content you don't control
  9. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes not to Make

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Something unflattering, inaccurate or outright negative appears on Google when someone searches your brand name? This course explains what you can do to remove it.

No SEO skills needed with these simple techniques anyone can implement. 

Every lesson has a bonus: 

Everything you do to improve your Brand SERP will help your overall SEO performance

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Dealing with Negative Content

Special Launch pricing: You benefit from a 25% discount on normal pricing.

What does Jason teach in this course? Learn to remove unflattering, inaccurate or outright negative results that appear on Google when someone searches your brand name. What's in the course? Every lesson is driven by a video where Jason Barnard explains the situation, then gives you practical advice on what you can do to remove different types of bad result from your Brand SERP. You'll also find supplementary including screencasts, articles and links to external resources that will help you to take your skills even further.Includes unlimited access to all videos and support material. PLUS all lesson and resource updates for a full year.

Hi, I'm your tutor - Jason Barnard, "The Brand SERP Guy"

A quick overview of my story (so far).... how I got here, and how I learned all I know :)