Why should you optimise your Brand SERP?

There are a multitude of benefits, including

  1. People get a great impression of your brand when they Google your name
  2. You improve your brand's digital ecosystem
  3. You move your marketing strategy to the next level
  4. Google's perception of your E-A-T (Expertise Authority and Trust) improves, and that helps your SEO efforts
  5. You learn many of the most important levers, techniques and strategies you'll need for your wider SEO strategy

"At some point in the customer journey, they're going to Google your name."

How are the courses structured?

In this series of online courses, Jason gives clear, simple instructions for the practical stuff, and clear explanations of the more strategic parts.

Each course thoroughly covers one specific aspect of Brand SERPs over a series of 6 to 12 lessons.

Each lesson consists of a video (between 10 and 30 minutes), plus resources for further learning, and a summary in the form of a list of takeaways.

Wendy Kirwan


Jason is clearly THE expert on Brand SERP SEO. The Fundamentals course is laid out clearly and packed with information for SEO practitioners of all expertise levels (even absolute beginners). And as an unexpected bonus, Jason went above and beyond what was offered in the course and kindly made himself available for some follow up questions, giving us some really helpful tailored advice for our specific case.

What courses are available online?

  1. Foundation - the Fundamentals of Brand SERPs
  2. Triggering Rich Results (making Your Brand SERP Sexy)
  3. Removing Sub-optimal / Negative Content
  4. Triggering and Managing Your Knowledge Panel *
  5. Dominating and Optimising Personal Brand SERPs **
  6. Using your Brand SERP to Create the Perfect Bespoke Content Strategy **
  7. Local Business (Your Brand SERP is Your Homepage) **

* = release early 2021

** = coming 2nd quarter 2021 (these take a lot of time to write and record :)

Every lesson in every course has a bonus: 

Everything you do to improve your Brand SERP will help your overall SEO performance

Watch the video

It will give you an idea of the style.... all the course videos are in this format - slide deck as a backdrop to your tutor explaining what to do :)


Jason started optimising sites for Google the year it was incorporated - way back in 1998.

He now speaks at major conferences around the world about using SEO and marketing to leverage Brand SERPs that improve the bottom line for businesses.

Your Tutor - Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy)